Officers for current season

League President: PAT VARSALLONA – (609)
Senior Vice President and Treasurer: JOHN ZANGRILLI – (609)
Super Division Coordinator: OMER DEMIRCAN – (973) 943-0596 –
Semipro Division Coordinator: OMER DEMIRCAN – (973) 943-0596 –
A Division Coordinator: SAL DIODATI – (609) 581-0379 –
B Division Coordinator: FRANCO MITRANO – (908)
Women Division Coordinator: RICH BRAUN – (732)
Over-30 Division Coordinator: LEN ASSANTE – (908)
Over-40 Division Coordinator: FRANCO MITRANO – (908)
League Arbiter: PAUL CARROLL – (215)
League Registrar: DERRICK VARSALLONA – (732)

Officers responsibilities

President: He will be your contact in case of Complaints, suggestions, ideas, concerns and special needs. If you have any questions about how organized soccer works, or any question about any League procedure, please call.
Please leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.
Every Monday and Tuesday night I am at the League’s office.
Division Coordinators: Also known as the Division Vice Presidents, they will be
the first point of contact for all the teams in that Division.
You will call your Division Coordinator to do the following:
1. Request any game changes as outlined in the GSSL policies.
The Coordinator will work out the changes and will notify the NJ State Referee
Assignor as soon as possible.
He is the only one allowed to call for referees.
2. Report any game cancellation due to weather conditions.
The coordinator will notify the Referee Assignor immediately.
League Arbiter: He shall be the person assigned to make the initial decision
regarding all game results confirmation and player discipline.
He shall attend to all game reports as filed by the referees and shall have the power to
act on issuing fines and suspensions based on such reports.
He shall handle all disciplinary cases arising from breach of the GSSL rules or policies.
League Registrar: This person shall be the only person allowed to register
players and issue player cards for the GSSL. This person will be available to make
passes on the days and times of the week as specified in these guidelines.

Other officers

There is number of Officers that are appointed annually. For information on their
duties, please call the League Office.