Game of the summer goes to Brick Lions FC

Game of the summer goes to Brick Lions FC

The GSSL Summer League season is slowly coming to an end. Out of 14 teams in the men’s division, only two of them have been very close to finish the regular season without a single lost of points. The fate would be decided in Jackson, NJ. 

Brick Lions as well as US Parma Cavalieri showed up with the best squad they could assemble that day. The first half started with a massive attack by the Lions, who controlled most of the ball during the first 45 minutes. They’ve missed a lot of chances to score, but decided to be patient. The breakthrough came in the 21st minute of the game thanks to a great play by Simon Muckle. The 33-years old striker marked his 4th goal in the summer season.

The team from the shore didn’t stop and was searching for more goals to come. In the 33st minute of the game, Albert Kolesa made a use of a mistake by the visitors defense, extending the lead by two goals. The game didn’t go the way US Parma hoped it would be. They couldn’t manage to create even one shot on goal, almost no control of the ball in the midfield and some mistakes by the defense created a disaster. But despite those circumstances the visitors didn’t give up. They efforts got rewarded one minute before the end of the first half, when Anthony Pares decided to mark the teams first shot on goal. The ball passed the goalkeeper and landed close to the far post of the goal. Halftime! 1-2. A shimmer of hope for the visitors.

The 2nd half was like a different story and US Parma looked solid out there. It was only 3 minutes in, when a free kick taken by Henry Garcia-Arias created chaos in the home teams defense. Pares was the first one to take advantage of this situation, sending the ball next to a disappointed and surprised Charles Cunliffe. The game tied and became more physical. Lions’s Michael McCulion got himself booked for unsportsmanlike behavior and Parma’s Pares said one word to many to the referee and was shown by Andreas Luethi the yellow card for dissent.

Although chances from both sides have been created, neither team could find that finishing touch.

15 minutes before the end of the game, a very well taken corner kick, created a misunderstanding between the visitors defense. A total of five US Parma players have been standing and watching when Hani Nasr scored the winning goal for the Lions.

Brick Lions FC – US Parma Cavalieri 3:2 (2:1)
Goals: 1:0 Simon Muckle (21′), 2:0 Albert Kolesa (33′), 2:1 Anthony Pares (44′), 2:2 Anthony Pares (48′), 3:2 Hani Nasr (75′)
Yellow cards: Michael McCulion – Anthony Pares
Referee: Andreas Luethi (Jamesburg, NJ)
Brick Lions FC: Liam Cahill, Alfred Colantoni, Charles Cunlife, Christopher Ell, Vasili Foukarakis, Albert Kolesa, Michael McCullion, Simon Muckle, Hani Nasr, Joseph Parella, Benjamin Vergara (Subs: Robert Carroll, Michael Durazzo)
US Parma Cavalieri: Justin Barbosa, Abel Britez, Christopher Cunha, Moussa Diouf, Daniel Gallagher, Henry Garcia-Arias, Jake Karlsberg, Zach Lynn, Adam Panella, Anthony Pares, Steward Salazaralpizar (Subs: Joseph Caamano, Kaushik Dhanyamraju, Arian Khazaei)

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