I Jersey Shore Derby

I Jersey Shore Derby

On Wednesday, the 18th of May a historical event takes place – The I Jersey Shore Derby of the Garden State Soccer League. Brick Lions FC will face Jersey Shore Boca Juniors

Both teams put their efforts thru the entire season on a side and focus only on this particular game. As every derby game has his own rules, this game can bring a lot of excitement. Brick Lions as well as Jersey Shore Boca Juniors. will try to show up at the Pinewood Park in Brick, NJ with the best players they have. Both teams will write history on Wednesday and the winner of this game will be the Champion of the Jersey Shore.

The weather forecast for the game is promising, as it should be a clear sky with 76°F.

Brick Lions FC – Jersey Shore Boca Juniors (05/18, 9pm)
Date: 05/18/2017
Time: 9:00 PM
Location: Pinewood Park in Brick, NJ
Referee: Bartek Cieslak (G 24YC 62 | RC 7)

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